Ferdinando Fusco

Illustrator l Textile Designer l Artist
Ferdinando Fusco formally trained as a fashion designer in Florence, Italy at the Accademia Italiana di Moda. 
As an artist at heart he exclusively paints by hand all of his textile prints inspired by his culture, travels, and unique world-view of fashion. Over the course of 5 years, he travelled and lived in India to learn ancient embroidery techniques that are ubiquitous to his garments. 
He is committed to supporting local artisans in Italy and believes firmly in sustainable fashion. For this reason, he exclusively works in a workshop in Sorrento where all his collections are produced in small batches and often only makes single pieces that are not replicated due to the intricacy of his designs. 
His garments are considered to be wearable art. An omage to the beauty that surrounds us and tells a story about Italy and the world.