sewing machine sartoria

Each piece is 100% made in Italy. 
The trademark does not always guarantee the highest quality and prestige, but Ferdinando Fusco is very proud of his land and traditions.
He is always wandering around the world, but he chooses to stay in Italy and to pay homage to his homeland with his creations. 
That’s why every design is entirely made by Italian hands with Italian materials. 
Every accessory like threads, lace, trimming, zippers, buttons and more, are Italian products of the highest quality. 
All of these ingredients are then carefully assembled by workers based in Sorrento and close surroundings.
They are more than just seamstresses and tailors, they are artisans, they are mothers and fathers and they make this company possible.
Making beautiful clothes does not only require technique, precision and manual skills, but also great passion and the clear understanding that certain goals can be achieved only through the contribution of all.