FERDINANDO FUSCO is an Italian multimedia artist based in Sorrento who tells stories through artisanal fashion.

Formally trained in fashion design, he graduated from the Academia Italiana di Firenze and soon after became the creative director of a major resort wear brand for 5 years. In this role he lived in India where he learned artisanal techniques of hand embroidery applied to natural fibers and textiles.

In 2019 he opened a small atelier in his hometown of Sorrento, Italy where he designs all his prints. His production takes places in small workshops in Italy and India promoting ethical craftsmanship and preserving ancient traditions, celebrating the ethos of slow fashion through production of limited quantities. 

His artistic expression extends to various mediums like ceramic and pottery, acrylic and watercolor painting, mixed media and digital art that he uses as part of his research process. 

Principles of sustainable fashion are reflected in: 

1. Textiles selection like cotton, linen, viscose, and silk

2. Small batch production in limited quantities

3.  Zero-waste initiatives using leftover fabric to create individual patchwork pieces adorned with hand embroidery.